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Portrait photo of Dr. Travis Fahey, a chiropractor, smiling kindly at the camera.

Meet the Founder Dr. Travis Fahey, DC

Travis Fahey, DC, is an Iraq war veteran on a mission to help people live more fulfilled lives free of pain. After honorably serving in the Army, Dr. Fahey discovered his purpose - providing exceptional chiropractic care with integrity and compassion.

From a young age, Travis was driven by a calling to ethically relieve the suffering of others. He innately understood the debilitating effects of pain and discomfort, having witnessed dire circumstances during his military service. His firsthand experience made him all the more devoted to understanding the human condition and restoring wellbeing.

This dedication drove Dr. Fahey’s educational journey. He earned his Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 2015 from Parker University, a leading chiro college renowned for clinical excellence and a vitalistic approach. This scientific foundation, paired with artful technical skills, gives him a methodical and nuanced healing capability. His broad collegiate studies in anatomy and holistic health and wellness give him whole-body perspective.

Today, Dr. Travis Fahey brings both robust medical knowledge and a profound sense of purpose and care to improving functionality and enhancing lives. Having served his country, he now continues serving his community through thoughtful, personalized treatment plans. Dr. Fahey's unique blend of proficiencies coupled with his altruistic nature make him singularly qualified to help people “live well aligned” through chiropractic wellness. His fulfillment comes from empowering people to move through life with joy.


Committed to continuous learning and growth, Dr. Fahey pursued intensive post-graduate training to expand his mastery. He spent hundreds of hours under the expert tutelage of renowned chiropractor Dr. Chris Zaino, treating thousands seeking relief - from professional athletes to infants and elderly. This real-world experience accelerated his proficiencies across patient populations.

Dedicated to his calling, Dr. Fahey has invested over $100,000 deepening his knowledge base. He studied with elite specialists globally, incorporating the most effective techniques into his practice. As a result, his approach artfully integrates numerous modalities:

Spinal correction utilizing diversified, Gonstead, Thompson and Pettibon methods to optimize alignment; Active release therapy to target restricted tissues; Graston technique to detect and treat scar tissue; Physiotherapy tactics to enhance function; Flexion distraction for herniated discs; Sacro-occipital technique to improve spinal biomechanics; Pediatric and geriatric protocols for specialized care; Over 100 hours in acupressure and acupuncture to activate the body’s natural healing system.

This multifaceted expertise empowers Dr. Fahey to create fully customized treatment plans that get to the root cause of his patients’ pain. His care philosophy focuses on the whole person, combining clinical excellence with compassion. He believes optimal health comes from within, activated by aligning the body and mind. His passion is walking with patients on their wellness journeys with patience, optimism and hope.

After years of tireless preparation, Dr. Travis Fahey now provides the pinnacle of chiropractic care. His broad skillset paired with his generous spirit make him extraordinarily capable of improving lives.

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