Instrument Adjustment

Instrument Adjustment in Dallas, TX

ArthroStim delivers precise chiropractic adjustments using gentle, targeted impulses. This advanced handheld instrument applies brief, high-frequency forces to stimulate the nervous system, restore joint mobility and ease pain.

Tailored impulses are focused on specific vertebrae or joints to improve function. This stimulates the body’s natural healing response for lasting results. Gentle percussion loosens tissues while enhancing circulation.

ArthroStim is a safe, effective adjustment alternative using state-of-the-art technology. Patients experience targeted treatment without twisting movements for conditions like back pain, sciatica, neck pain and decreased mobility. This innovative modality enhances care.

Discover drug-free pain relief and improved wellness. The ArthroStim’s gentle precision targets joint dysfunction to get to the root of inflammation and discomfort. Experience how this contemporary chiropractic instrument can gently treat your unique condition.
Chiropractor using a hand-held instrument to perform an adjustment on a patient's back.

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I’ve had some good chiro’s. But since moving to Dallas, Dr. Travis takes the top spot as the best chiropractor I’ve ever had. My nagging back pain is gone and the curve in my next is normalizing. Highly recommend!
Andrew Gerbers
Aligned Chiropractic is very informative and caring. To change your life is the right place to be. All of them that work there care to make sure anyone is comfortable. I am pleased to begin my adventure to heal my body and become stronger in life. ❤️
Jean Manning
Dr. Fahey has a wealth of knowledge, a passion for the practice and a sincere care and deep concern for his patients to improve and achieve a healthy lifestyle. He is a great speaker, humble veteran and talented doctor. You will be blessed!
Rosalie Escobedo

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